Maria Olejar
Vice President Sales

I’ve been at MackayMitchell since 1998 and haven’t worked a day yet. I’m afraid of birds. Favorite TV network: HGTV. I relish hot, really hot, summer days sitting poolside with a cool drink! I think about envelopes so you don't have to.

Do what you love, love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life - Harvey Mackay

Nathan Mitchell
Sales & Marketing Representative

I am a second generation envelope expert! I have been working at MackayMitchell for 10 years. In my teenage years, I also worked summers as a paper baler and shipper. Ask me about falling into the baler for a good laugh. In those 10 years I have worked in Prepress, Customer Service, and in Sales leaving me well equipped to handle your envelope needs!

José Belén
Director De Cuentas - Latin America

My first name is José and sounds like Hose-A. Technically that makes my son's name (also named José) Hose-B. I was born in the beautiful and tropical island of Puerto Rico. I have no idea why I am living in the frozen tundra of Minnesota…Yikes!!! My family life includes 8 beautiful grandchildren that call me "Papa José" and then ask me for money. Please "Respect the Envelope"

Kristi Burchard
Account Manager/Special Projects

When I'm not making envelopes FUN with my OUTSTANDING coworkers, I'm waiting for the next football season to start! I enjoy spending time with family and friends watching football and raising our very own football player. Did I mention I REALLY like football?