We've updated our store

Thank you for visiting our new and improved website! We have been working hard to bring you clearer images of our stock items with streamlined navigation throughout the site and ordering process. MackayMitchell Photopak has now gone mobile! Feel free to check us out on your cellphone or tablet for ordering on the go!

Ordering online has never been easier! There will no longer be a prompt for you to call in for orders weighing over 150 pounds. We have a new freight configurator in place that will pull in the best and most cost efficient way to ship your product. Of course, we are always more than happy to take an order over the phone so if you feel like talking with one of our representatives, just give us a call at (800) 331-9311.

You will be prompted to reset your password on your first order. Your account information has been moved from our old site to our new site, however, for security reasons we did not transfer your password information. Just follow the prompts to assign a new password and you will be all set. You will only need to do this upon your first order.

We want to thank you again for visiting our website and for being a loyal customer to MackayMitchell Photopak.